The Life & Adventures of a Single Lady & Her Dog
It was not my destiny, I kept thinking it would be, waiting for it to happen, but it never did, and I didn’t care what people thought … It was only boring old men [who would ask me]. And whenever they went, ‘What? No children? Well, you’d better get on with it, old girl,’ I’d say ‘No! F*** off!’
Dame Helen Mirren,British Vogue, February 2013
OMG…I am O-L-D.

For the last 2 days I have been getting home at the early hour of 7:30 (GASP!)….and I have been choosing to watch:

Happy end of day Tuesday?

I just got a dick photo via a text with a “Want to catch up tonight?”

No idea who this was & wasn’t able to get a response back to let me know who it was.

Why do guys think this is acceptable behavior!? It’s not. Dicks are not hot to look at. 

Seriously contemplating getting him a dog friend because all he does is sleep.


I grew up going to catholic school my entire life but I was never really religious. I still don’t really know where I stand on the whole religion thing but sometimes i really wonder if there is something out there giving us a little sign when we need it. 

Today my mom went to my grandfather’s grave & a butterfly came and landed on her. Considering we never see butterflies it just seemed really odd that in that moment a butterfly appeared and landed on her. She took it as my grandfather letting her know he is ok.

It’s just so weird when things like that happen. 

Every time I’m in the kitchen..this face comes creepin’ around the corner.

Every time I’m in the kitchen..this face comes creepin’ around the corner.

Accurate summary of my Monday.

Brunch view #skyline #nyc

Brunch view #skyline #nyc

At my grandmothers wake everyone wanted to know when I am getting married bc my brother was engaged. Awkward!

Yea it just seems so inappropriate to make a statement about someone’s status at a wake. I really wanted to punch that old bitch in the face.

Like lady, you think I’m not sad enough? let’s point out the fact that I’m 30, unmarried, and have no kids. Thanks, really appreciate it!

People suck.

Watching The Devil Wears Prada..

..always makes me want to immediately: diet, lose 80 pounds, and dress fabulously.