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I’m staying at The Drake which I was excited about because it’s a Kimpton Hotel and 4 stars. (My company is super cheap with travel so I never get to stay in the nicer hotels but I got a deal for this one… )

So far, unimpressed. My room is too small for the large furniture and my bathroom is even smaller than my one at home. To get to the lobby you also have to go up about 15 steps which doesn’t make sense to me…steps+luggage?

Also despite the fact that I already paid $1200 for 4 nights here , they still need to hold $500 from me. What could I possibly spend here for $500 in incidentals? When I asked they told me parking and their bar. Since I don’t have a car, if I spend $500 in 4 days on alcohol- please just drive me to the Betty Ford clinic now.

Posh hotels are so annoying.

  1. catherine said: That’s a bummer. Kimpton usually gets it right.
  2. lexington2148 posted this
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